women always select the worst men they can find -

from the standpoint of long term development

of a higher civilization- because they strive only for biological survival - had to -

and have no aspirations of any human value - they support only animalistic hierarchies -

now I hear a lot of you scream - what about mother teresa in india ? what about all the women in charity ?

what about them ? what do they do ? no body has anything from them ! nobody needs them !

nobody needs a place to die ! nobody needs to be fed ! humans need other humans to develop possibilities ! chances !

humans need to have support for human endeavers - such as alternate power generation - such as saving the climate -

such as having some clean fun going sailing an the weekend - such as saving resources - such as working only 4 hours a day !

such as not supporting wasting valuable things only because some industy want to have more sold of some invaluable thing ...

most of all - we need humans to support the truth ! - not some trained irresponsible dummies !.

we need women who support developing a future - a paradice an earth .......

no toronados - no hurricanes - no droughts - no floods - no useless work - no needy incapable idiots .....