all societies an this planet up to this time are wrong !

it is not that there are flaws - the whole dynamics of short term living -
selects - wasteful - irresponsible - dishonorable behavier .......

look at any woman - any company - any society and you will see this " system "
of selecting those who provide short term power to spoil the physical & spiritual environment -

look at " great agypt " - a nation who was never great - is now even less great -
look at the once great roman empire - or compacted into a few years the nazi empire -

all these have incomen that they used destructive means to rise to power -
and this same means of destruction created their own destruction -

because there was never any civilisation an this planet - who started out with a long term program -
any conception of inteligence - just a trial & error thing - like with animals .....

what has unhumanity achived ? - putting jesus an the cross ? - created a climatic collaps ?
unbearable uv radiation in australia ? - carbage piles ? - a world no human wants to be seen on .......
and the internet !

where you now sitt before your monitor and will have the choice -
of living or dieing - - - - if you want to be living forever -
you will need to plan - not to take any hope away from anybody -
to ever be living honorably - and you will have to impress everybody with your own way of living -

not " how many toys you will have " at the end - not how many you have killed one way or the other -
on how you stand at the end before yourself and others will decide on the outcome -

now some members of some religiuos congregation will tell me
that they are living honoarbly & right -

but how many tons of resources are you wasting ?
how many tons of artifical coČ are you injecting into our atmosphere ?
what companyies are you supporting ? what individuals are you not supporting ?

how many miles are your missionaries jetting around " saving " the world ?
but in fact causing our end ........

why are you not useing alternate means of transportation ?

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galactic university

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